Dungannon’s Competitive Advantage at a Glance

Strategic Location

InvestDungannon has short travel times to Belfast (45 minutes), Derry (75 minutes), Enniskillen & Dublin (120minutes) owing to this centralized location. Dungannon is identified as a ‘main hub’ and is strategically located in the south west of Northern Ireland and bordering counties Monaghan and Fermanagh. In terms of geography and connectivity, Dungannon is located within 45 minutes of Belfast, and is within notable proximity to the M1 which provides the most direct linkage with this area. Dungannon sits on the A4 providing strong links to the east & west and acts as a gateway to the south.

Skills Base

Dungannon is a renowned region for educational achievement, this has led to a strong labour force with particular skills in engineering, food processing and manufacturing. The food engineering sectors boast a global SME stronghold based in Dungannon.
Dungannon has one of the most dynamic private sectors in NI and results in a higher than average under reliance on public sector jobs.


Dungannon is strategically placed with excellent transportation connections unrivalled by most other principal towns. The A4 was the most recent major road improvement scheme in the last 10 years amounting to £130 million in public investment.

Supporting Business

Dungannon Enterprise Centre and local council are well placed to support and assist the local businesses to grow, create further employment opportunities and to ensure that the local infrastructure is strengthened to facilitate the creation of businesses which can compete in global markets.

Business Opportunities

Dungannon topped the UK list of places to do businesses across the UK in 2012 with the largest ratio of firms being created to those closing down in Northern Ireland and Britain since 1988. Dungannon is outward looking in the context of economic activity with business support available for new, existing and expanding businesses.


Dungannon is identified as an area with strong community spirit, with rich heritage tourism assets and resources. The town is proud of the culturally diverse community which celebrates Dungannon’s shared heritage, through the recent development of Ranfurly House Arts and Visitor Centre and Hill of The O’Neill Heritage Park suited within the town centre.